Saturday, May 29, 2010

What the ... driving?!?!?

I was going to post this on my other blog but it makes more sense to put it here.

One of the things that always irks me is when the apologists and Koreanphiles make excuses for bad behaviour or try to diminish what others say and experience. One way they do that is by making comments about other countries. Case in point is when I (Stig, and others) have complained about the way Koreans drive and park. The idiots retort `There are bad drivers in Canada (or their country) too.` This is apologist bull shit for two reasons.

First, while it could be true I am talking about Korea and my experiences too. If, at the time, I was living in Canada I wouldn`t be talking about Korea. The fact bad behaviour happens in other countries DOESN`T excuse it in Korea.

Secondly, from what I have seen since returning home, it doesn`t happen here anywhere near the degree it does in Korea. I have been home 3 weeks and have done quite a bit of driving. I have spent a lot of time as a passenger too. I haven`t seen ANYTHING that comes close to the idiocy of drivers I saw daily in Cheongju. The WORST parking job I saw was someone who was partly in another spot, at the end of the parking lot, where there were a LOT of empty parking spaces. That`s it. What the kimchi?!?!? Where are all the bad drivers that the assholes swore were here?

Unlike many of the apologists I am still willing to concede there are a lot of bad drivers here even though I am not seeing them or hearing about them. I don`t delude myself into believing they aren`t around just because I am not encountering them. And when I see them I WILL complain about them.


  1. I complain about Korean drivers A LOT. But they deserve it for being such stupid, fucking morons when it comes to handling a machine.
    When I was in Vietnam, the drivers there were much, much worse.
    But that doesn't exciuse Koreans, or anybody for that matter, from being ignorant, lazy, and selfishly oblivious to other drivers/pedestrians.
    They can all go...
    what is the expression?...
    Oh yeah...

  2. In the back of my pants...there's an arsehole. Just because you have an arsehole doesn't mean that my arsehole isn't there. It is there. If it poos on won't care about the other arseholes. YOu'll only care about the one that poos on you.

    It's the arsehole that shits on you that you notice.

  3. Burndog that is a beautiful analogy. :)