Sunday, May 30, 2010

What the ... delusion?!?!?

Some Koreans are denying the North sank the Cheonan. Instead they say either it was an accident and the South Korean government is using it to blame the North OR the South Korean government (or the US) BLEW UP THE SHIP themselves to frame the North. What the kimchi?!?!?

Talk about having your head in the ground, or up your arse. I know Koreans are always making excuses for North Koreas bad behaviour or just ignoring it but this takes it to a new level of stupidity. Having Korean friends drone on about how they are brothers and North Korea wouldn't attack because they are one blood while ignoring the facts of history is hard to swallow without telling them they are ricetards. A couple of my friends, and many adult students, were bleeting that days AFTER North Korean ships crossed into south Korean waters and attacked South Korean naval ships in 2002! When you point out incidents like that they either poo-poo it, try to diminish it (or blame it on the US), or ignore it. What the kimchi?!?!?

I know I have mentioned a Korean friend and the nuke issue before but it bears repeating. After North Korea admitted it had nukes one of my friends thought it was great. He actually said that. He went on to say that now the US couldn't push North Korea around. I asked if he wasn't worried that Little Kim up north wouldn't use them on the south. He parroted the party line about one blood one people. Then went on to say he was more concerned with the US having nukes than North Korea having them. Afterall the only country to ever use nukes was the US. I pointed out instances where the North did attack Korea but nothing got through. Now this friend isn't usually an idiot. He is well educated (PHD in Engineering) and well traveled which is why his attitude suprised me. If I was in Korea I would ask him what he thinks about the Cheonan. It wouldn't surprise me to hear him say it was the US or SK government framing the NorKs.

Korea Beat asked the question "Are your friends shrugging?" Most of my friends, when shown what some Koreans are saying, tend to ask "Are they fucking insane?"

I have a question now. What would the Korean response be if a US ship accidently rammed the Cheonan and sank it? Or a Japanese ship? There would be RIOTING in the streets. As Meyers mentions in his article, look at the response to the accidental death of the 2 middle school girls in 2002. Hell, look at the US Beef riots last year.

Where are the rallies? The riots? The indignation? Oh yeah, it ISN'T the US or Japan so why bother. Chinese fisherman illegally in Korean waters kill coastguard officers ... no problem. Mustn't anger China. North Korea sinks a ship murdering many of the crew ... no problem. We are one blood. They wouldn't attack us. Mustn't anger North Korea. Just keep burying your heads deeper in your collective arses.

I wonder how they will reason away the next incident.

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