Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is it Monday?

You ever have one of those days, and it isn't a Monday, when shit just happens?

Today has been one of those days. I woke up feeling like shit. Actually that is being kind. Shit warmed over. By noon I felt pukey but otherwise ok. So I went to work. (Yeah, yeah. I should have said fuck it at that point and called in sick. Like a Monday! Brain not working.)

Half way through the work day I started to feel ... cold. This actually scared some of my students. I am never cold. I wear short sleeves all year. Now I was turning the heat up and for my last 2 classes wearing my jacket. Now my co-workers are worried. Then the freezing becomes too hot. Then back and forth. God damn. I have a cold. :(

Work ends. A co-worker asks where all the info I put on the computer yesterday is. I say the file I was told to put it in. I entered it yesterday and saved it. We checked every file. Nothing. Then I check the date the file was last altered. Some fuckwit copied their version over it today instead of entering their information. Which meant my stuff was gone. At this point I said "Too bad. So sad. I will re-enter my stuff tomorrow. I am going home now.

That should have been the end of the drama and BS. But it wasn't. I had to pick up some water, juice, and stuff on the way home. I stopped at the local mart. Parked my scooter. Some fucktard in an SUV decided to back up, when he didn't need to, and knocked the scooter onto me. He SAW me pulling in and getting off the scooter. My left ankle ended up crunched under it. The fucker took off.

I picked up my scooter. Quickly grabbed some stuff and went home.

My ankle is puffed up. May have to see a doctor tomorrow.

I wish I wasn't sick. I could use a drink right now.


  1. did you get the plate number? Call the police, report a hit & run, get your blood money.

  2. I wish I had. My first thought was to get the scooter off my foot. By the time I did he was gone.

    Mind you, I have ZERO faith in the Korean "justice" system. Even if I had the plate I doubt the cops would help. He would say it wasn't him. I had no witnesses. He is Korean. That trumps anything I say.

  3. Oh shit! I hope your ankle isn't broken!

  4. I was lucky. It wasn't a break. Just a very sore and swollen ankle. It is starting to look better already.