Sunday, March 14, 2010

What the .... worship?!?!?!?

I have been re-watching the old Survivor series. Just started the China one today. One of the things that stood out about it is the religious freak.

One of the contestants is a woman who is a Christian Radio host. She reminds me of some of the zealots I have met in Korea. In the first episode she left the welcome ceremony because it was in a Buddhist temple. And God doesn't want her to worship graven images. It seemed petty but hey she is religious and organized religions tend to have some pettiness about them.

What REALLY made me shake my head, and wonder about Christians, was her whining about not having her bible. She rambled on in the second show about feeling bad and missing god. She wished she had her bible because if she could read it she would feel better and be with god.

Ok ... this is a religion that believes god sees all and knows all. He is everywhere. Why the fuck would you need a bible to talk to good? Why would you need a building? Just fucking talk to him!

Seriously. I don't understand the rationale. Can anyone explain it?


  1. Christians live in an alternate reality where Imaginary Skymaster Man controls the world and anyone who feels a 'close intimate (yet totally not gay) connection' to a different Invisible Skymaster Man is complete scum and seriously delusional. Just accept it and move on.

  2. I'm Catholic, and I ask myself the same questions. I basically never step foot in a church.

  3. Heh :) Good answer.

    My mom is very Christian but she also has common sense and courtesy. She doesn't push religion. If you believe something else that is fine with her. (She would not make a good Korean Christian.) She would look at what that woman said and shake her head.

    Maybe it is better to just accept that the zealots are whacked and move on.

  4. (and I have no problem praying in a Mosque, Buddhist temple, Shinto temple, Orthodox church, Synagogue, or whatever else sacred place. We basically all believe in the same thing.)

  5. I remember that lady. As I recall, she didn't last too long.

    I've never understood the Bible thing either. I feel much more connected to the universe when I'm out in nature than I am when I'm forced to attend Christmas Eve church and read passages out of the Bible.

  6. She only lasted 3-4 episodes.

    Same here. Especially back home out under the stars.

  7. Another blog bitching about Korea...the same damn people...the same damn jokes...why don't you guys get a life? A real job? A sense of self-worth?

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