Sunday, March 21, 2010

Year 1 - Plastic Surgery


Lets talk about Plastic Surgery.

Lately I have been bringing my computer to my Free Talking and Interchange classes on Mondays. We watch a sitcom, like Friends, and then discuss issues that arise out of it. WHether it is love, friendship, infidelity, humour, or even plastic surgery.

Friday we had a great discussion on plastic surgery. I learned quite a few things that I didn't know, and my students said the same thing.

In Korea plastic surgery is very common. Usually it is eyelid surgery to give a double eyelid, which westerners tend to be born with. Some Koreans have them naturally most don't. So, many of them will get surgery to have it as they feel it makes them more attractive. The same goes for the nose. In the West most people who get a nose job do it to have their nose made smaller, more aquilline. It is the opposite here. Koreans, Asians, want their noses a little larger. It was an interesting topic.

We also discussed other aspects of plastic surgery. Like a man and woman in the U.K. who had plastic surgery done to make them look like Ken and Barbie. Collagen injections in the lips to make them plumper. Bocholism injections in the face to take away wrinkles. Tattooed make-up.

The lengths some people will go to "look beautiful" is staggering. In China right now the big fad is leg extensions. Women think they will attract a good man if they are taller so they have special surgery. Basically, your lower leg is broken. Then a special brace is attached, and over a month, or two, or three, you basically keep the leg broken. You twist and turning it periodically as it is healing to lengthen it. I think the average length added on is 6-9 cm. It is very painful, you have to stay in bed while it is being done, and it is very expensive. It is also very popular. In my mind it is also very insane! :)

It actually goes against one of our discussion topics on ideal mates. A worldwide study showed that men are attracted to short women, and women to tall men. Every class I have done this discussion in has pretty much agreed with that. You get the odd person (like me, and a few students) who says height isn't that great an issue. The majority say they would NEVER date a man who is shorter, or a woman who is taller. If that is true worldwide, it means those women going through leg extension surgery are going through all of that for nothing. It makes the mind wobble. It also made for a great discussion.

From discussions of what we look for in a mate, here is the majority opinion. Women tend to look for an older man, who can provide for them. Men tend to look for younger, attractive women. The women want someone who can support a family. The men want someone who can provide them with a progeny. It is interesting to listen to some of the reasons people had, but in the end that is what it all boiled down to.

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Plastic Surgery is still a great topic with adults and advanced students. Especially since parents are giving it as graduation presents from middle school and high school.

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