Friday, March 26, 2010

Year 1 - Oops I forgot to mention .....

Oops I almost forgot to mention another observation or two.

Women here usually dress to the 9's for daily life. They put on makeup even if all they are doing is putting out the trash. So, when you go down the street there is a lot of eye candy to distract you, which is one reason why I never noticed what a lot of men carry.

Korean men carry purses. Not all, maybe not even most, but a lot of Korean men use them. I noticed it when out walking around Saturday morning. Purses with straps and without, little handbags, whatever you want to call them, it isn't uncommon to see men with them. As one of my friends calls his, his bitch bag. :)
Take care

I still have to chuckle when I see Korean men in suits carrying those little handbags with a tiny wrist strap.

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