Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mook of the Week

I was thinking of making our first Mook of the Week Yie Eun-Woong. Stig felt that would be using the big guns too early. He is more of a Mook of the Year.

So we had a dilemma. It isn't always easy to snap a picture of mooks in action. By the time you get your camera out they have mooked off. As we sat sipping coffee and trying to pick someone we heard some yelling.

A taxi had stopped in the street, and in the crosswalk, to let out his fares. The taxi behind beeped his horn at him. Once. Well, that was it. The driver who stopped got out of his car yelling and shaking a fist.

He LEFT his car in the street and went up to the other taxi driver's car screaming. Shebal Seki this .... gae seki that ... cho-ah mook mook mook. Quite the spectacle. He spent a good 5+ minutes shaking his fist at the other drivers window.

He finally figured out the other driver wasn't getting out, or he saw something shiny and got distracted, and went back to his car. He made a show of getting back to it. Yelled a few more times. Shook a fist in the air. Oh the injustice! He beeped at me for blocking the street! Now I have acted like a madman and saved face! Yeah me!

Then he got in his car and raced off.

What a fucking mook. He reminded me of the taxi driver I had a run in with.

So here is to you Mr. Taxi Driver. You are the Mook of the Week.

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