Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What the ... assimilation?!?!?!?

Well it has only taken 4 months for our Korean-Canadian teacher to be assimilated into the collective. (Ok 3 but I was lazy and waited almost a month to type this up.)

When she first started she complained that people knew she "wasn't really Korean" . Odds are it was her clothes. She didn't wear shirts with sparkling shit all over it, or logos, or crappy English. She also wore a lot of pants/jeans and not as many skirts. It could also be her Korean was affected by her decade in the Great White North.

She also had no qualms about pointing out what was bad or stupid about life in Korea. When Koreans did something, like perverted taxi drivers, she would tell them off. Or report them if possible.

Basically, the Kamikaze Kimchi Kommandoes wouldn't have liked her. Except ... she was already partially assimilated. Or would that be part of her indoctrination by the collective was still intact after her sojourn into the Great White North? Regardless, she still had some collective directives in place. She told anyone who would listen that her main purpose in coming to Korea was to find a husband. (That has now changed to make a husband. Her English has deteriorated in her time back in the Motherland.) She wants to find a good Christian Korean man who doesn't smoke or drink and likes going to church. (What is even funnier is that Korean male colleagues told her she set her standards too high. She didn't tell him off which she would have in her first month. Instead she pouted and whined. )

Now she is pretty much back into the collective. Bad English. Bad habits. She used to keep her mouth closed when eating but now chomps away with it open just like the rest of the collective. She now wears the standard collective fashion too. Including bad English at times.

You can evade the collective but you can never fully escape.


  1. Land of the Morning Dead, man. Take a bite of the kimchi, or it takes a bite out of you. One way or the other, you're mind is toast!

  2. "Resistance is futile." The Borg, I mean the Koreans.

  3. Stig ...

    So there should be a sign "Abandon Hope All Yea Who Eat Here.?

  4. Now where have I heard "You can take a Korean out of Korea but not Korea out of a Korean"?

    I guess that applies to everyone. :)

    The good thing - she came back to her roots. Now that's a sign of humbleness. :)

  5. Ajay

    I was hoping to say something wittier but feel sick ... guess that makes me witless. ;)

    Today I had to laugh at her. She was dressed in a way she had ridiculed as kind of slutty before. Those denim short shorts and black tights. Nice uniform teacher.

    Seriously though, I hope she finds the man she is looking for. If they make you happy it doesn't matter what else others think.