Friday, March 12, 2010

What the .... Christers again?!?!?

God damn it! The electronic lock in the building hasn't been working lately. The lousy Christians have found out.

11 AM and I was half-awake. Just about ready to drift off back to sleep. I think I hear knocking on my door. Very lightly. I roll over to go back to sleep. A few more knocks on the door. Then the mother fucker starts holding the bloody door bell in.

I get up, put on a shirt and go to the door. Wiping the sleep from my eyes as I open it what do I see? A christer. How do I know? He is all dressed up and has his book of fairy tales with him.

He looks at me and in good English says "Oh did you just wake up?"

I decided not to bite his head off. It was hard but I managed. "Yes. I had a late night."

"Oh" he says "I thought everyone would be awake in your building."

I replied "You were wrong."

"You live in this building?"

At this point I was losing any desire to not bite his head off. What the fuck? What does it matter if I live here or not? I snarled "Of course I live here."

He continued with questions "How long have you lived here?"

"Good bye. I am going back to sleep." I snarled again, starting to close the door.

He kept on talking. "Why are you going to sleep?"

"Your a fucking moron!" was my only retort.

He STILL kept talking. Even with the door shut. He was talking AT my door. "It was nice to meet you. See you next time."

What a rude fucking asshole. You knock on someone's door. Wake them up and STILL stand there flapping your gums?

"Do you live here?" And if I said no it is my girlfriend's what the fuck would he have said? (On second though I wish I HAD said that. ) What business is it of his? "No I don't live here. I just broke in and slept in someone else's apartment. Moron.

If you have any sense of common courtesy you apologize and leave. Especially if they say good bye. Of course religious whack jobs don't usually understand what common courtesy is. Throw in Korean religious whack job and it is even worse.

No one answered my knocking I will just hold the doorbell in because I am a fucking mook who just doesn't know any better.

That about sums these god freaks. Religious Mooks.


  1. These fuckers are out in full force. They woke us up this morning as well. Only they didn't speak English. I had to do a painted clown monkey dance to get them to go the fuck away.

  2. Hmmmm ... may have to go to a church tomorrow and cause a scene of some sort. Of course that would mean waking up in the AM on a Sunday.

  3. But you need Christ! You really do!! This blog proves it!

  4. Jeebus wants me to wake up too early. Only spirits I want to see are 45% alcohol. :)

  5. This is why I don't answer the door unless I'm expecting someone! I just stay quiet and pretend I'm not home.

  6. DC

    I could have turned over and went back to sleep ... if he hadn't held the door bell in. :(

  7. LOL that's a bitch. Buy one of those air horns and blow it at them next time they come by.

  8. heh ... can we buy them here? :)

  9. I bitched about it to my Korean teachers today. One of them said he kept talking because Koreans wouldn't lock the door knowing someone was still talking to them.

    Well You are a fucking idiot for allowing them to talk. And they are a fucking idiot for assuming I would allow them to talk.