Monday, March 15, 2010

What the ... Icetards?!?!?!

I don't really care much for figure skating, it isn't ice hockey. But when I see someone being jerked around it pisses me off. I read a news article this morning. The more I read about the most recent case of douche baggedness the more I had to shake my head at the stupidity of the International Skating Union.

Joannie Rochette won Bronze for Canada, and her mother, at the Vancouver Olympics. Her mother died a few days before the Olympics. Rochette could have given up and grieved. Instead, to honour her mom she pushed on and gave the performance of a life time.

Since then she has been asked to skate the routine that got her the Bronze on a television exhibition called "Thin Ice." Unfortunately for her the International Skating Union has not sanctioned this event.

The ISU, in an amazing show of lack of class, told Joannie that if she skated in the show she would lose her ISU eligibility. The Canadian Skating Federation could also be punished.

Basically it comes down to money. The ISU told her that she COULD participate in "Thin Ice" IF and only IF she also skated at the World Championships. After her heart wrenching Olympic performance she is a huge draw. That is what the ISU is interested in. It comes down to
money again.

Several Olympians have already said they would not attend the Worlds. This was an attempt by the ISU to force Joannie to attend thereby helping draw more people.

Rochette's response has been an FU to the ISU. She has withdrawn from the Worlds. She will perform on "Thin Ice." And the ISU once again makes itself look like a bunch of idiots.

Once again? Why once again?

Oh, and Koreans, this should actually interest you, it is the same sort of Bull Shit the ISU used to try and force Kim YunA to participate in the 2010 Four Continents Championships prior to the Olympics. She didn't give in to their threats and they backed down.

I love it when you get people from a group like the ISU who throw the rules and punishments in someones face and when they don't back down and things go public say "We never threatened to disqualify them."

Yes asshole. You did. You say "Here is the rule and you can be disqualified for breaking it. You are breaking it." That IS threatening to disqualify them.

Then again what can you expect from the ISU. They can't fucking count. They allowed THREE Chinese pairs teams to participate in the World Junior Championships but China had only won TWO spots. Fucking morons.

In a sport that has been marred by scandals you would think the ISU would have learned some tact. Especially when you consider what Rochette already went through losing her mother. To have someone play politics with her future in skating. You did the right thing Joannie.

Fuck You ISU!


  1. I'm going to have to diversify my insults. I thought ricetard was clever, but it has been one-upped.

  2. You chappies ought to marry each other. What a wondrous self-congratulatory fuck-fest.