Monday, July 11, 2011

Anonymous Comment About KS

I got an anonymous comment about something being posted on KS today. Actually Anonymous posted their comment in two different threads. I didn't post the comment because it contains Herr Consoleman's real name and some personal information about him.


***** ** and his friends are now outing people they don't like.

(Some links to Herr Consoleman's Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and non-KS blog deleted)

So I went and checked out the links and sure enough the KKKleagle is posting the id's of two Chinese guys they consider anti-Korean. One posts on YouTube and the other Asia Finest. The thread about the AF guy was started by Herr Consoleman and includes links to the guys Facebook page. Pictures of their targets have also been posted.

I guess passing names on to the netnazi's wasn't enough for them. Now they post the info on KS themselves. It is enough to make me wonder if my policy of staying away from posting Herr Consoleman's real life info is a good one. If anyone deserves it he certainly does. After all it is easily accessed publicly. Definitely some food for thought.


  1. The least he deserves is to have it posted.

  2. I forgot all about an old thread where Consoleman's name was used. I guess I should have just posted this guy's comment after all since I allowed it before.