Saturday, July 23, 2011

What the ... abusive power?!?!?!

A friend sent me a link to a Korea Times article about bloggers. It was titled "The Abusive Power of Bloggers".

My first thought seeing the title was "Yes. finally, they will take a piece out of the net nazis and assholes. They will expose the way these idiots try and ruin peoples lives and in the end give Korea a bad name. Then I thought, "Yeah right, and monkeys might fly out of my butt. This is the Korea Times after all. That means they will probably go after bloggers who say anything negative about Korea." So, with that confusion in mind I decided to look further than just the title of the article.

The piece was about bloggers who promote products and companies for a fee. Often shilling shitty defective products to the gullible while trying to look like a neutral party. That is abusive power?

Well, yes it is. After all, an inordinate amount of Koreans do seem to believe what they read on the internet. (Much like my Grandmother and so many others believe what the National Enquirer says.) One just has to look at the "Mad Cow" bullshit to see that.

So, the article is right. I was ready to jump all over it for being a deceptive title. However, it just looked at a different aspect of the abusive power of bloggers than what immediately sprang to my mind. Both types of idiots deserve some ... special treatment.


  1. Not much worse than celebrities tweeting about which alcohol they are drinking.

  2. That is true although any celeb saying they like such and such I tend to take as them shilling a product.