Monday, July 18, 2011

Year 2 - Medicinal Blues

Another moldy oldy from my second year.


Not a lot new going on. I have been pretty sick for the last few weeks.

I picked up a virus about a month ago. My throat got infected, and it wnet to my head. Normally it would clear up and be gone in a few days. Unfortunately it is just starting to go away.

I went to the doctor as soon as it hit. He gave me pills which helped to a point. The symptoms would start to go away, and then come back with a vengeance. Nice things like chills, fever, sweats, coughing so much you throw up.

Saturday I went to the doctor yet again. The symptoms were back, worse than before. This time I found out that he was giving me penicillin as an anti-biotic. I am allergic to penicillin. The doctor either didn't hear me the first time I saw him, or didn't understand when my Korean co-worker told him I was allergic to penicillin the second time I saw him, or it lost something in the translation. Regardless, he put me on it and over the span of a month kept increasing the doseage. Which is why I kept getting worse. I was reacting to the penicillin, and the virus wasn't going away.

Now I am off penicillin and on eurythrimicin. The virus is starting to fade and the pennicilin is getting out of my system. Life is getting back to normal, there is a staff party friday night. :)

Take care

The moral of the story is that you have to be extra vigilant when getting medical treatment in a foreign country. If I had checked the pills out that I was given I would have found out they were penicillin. Unfortunately, every pharmacy gives you the pills pre-packaged for daily consumption. Which is great is some respects but in this case, if I had the bottle, I could have seen the name of the drug or checked it out more easily.

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