Saturday, July 30, 2011

What the ... referrals 3?!?!?!

I was bored so I peeked at the referrals that led people to this site.

The number one is still people googling "What The Kimchi".

Lately a bit of traffic has been directed here from Korea Sentry. Mainly from a thread Settt set up to complain about me complaining about him. He claims to not like Hitler and doesn't like it when people say he does. Nor does he like being called a racist, and he can't seem to understand why I would think he is one. No surprise there, he doesn't strike me as the sharpest tool in the shed.. Although he is definitely a tool. :)

Someone found WTK by googling "korea blood money". WTK was the #2 hit for that search, AAK was #1. Odds are that pits his knickers in a twist. :)

Some of the stranger searches that led people here were "what is shit in korean" and "Koreans sleep anywhere" and "mokpo love hotel".

The funniest was "anonyjohn fucktard". :)


  1. Hi, I came to your blog because I just had a close encounter with an inconsiderate Korean who would take over 5/6 washing machines in the laundry room in a Saturday afternoon (a busy time for laundry). We live in a community of graduate students.

  2. Wow Anon. Just wow.

    You came to this site to vent about Koreans because of one inconsiderate Korean who uses washing machines in a laundry room?

  3. The horror! The horror!

  4. Probably never even stopped to consider if this Korean was an American, did you?