Friday, July 29, 2011


I've been reading about the recent flooding in South Korea. I'm sorry about the deaths and havoc caused, and I hope the people who I know there are safe and dry.
I remember similar flooding in 2002, and thought I would share the photos I took from that time. I was in Daegu, and the two rivers are the Sakdong (which flows through the centre of the city), and the Guemho (which flows along the northern edge of the city). The flooding occurred on or about the August 15th holiday, and the pictures showing how the rivers look normally were taken on November 2nd.

The Sakdong in (almost) full flood. August 15th.

The same, November 2nd.

August 15th...

... and Nov. 2nd.

The Sakdong (again) Aug. 15th...

... Nov. 2nd.

The Guemho looking like the Mississippi August 15th...

... and back down on Nov. 2nd.

Under the bridge August 15th...

... and Nov. 2nd.

As I said, I hope everyone in Korea stays safe, and the rains stop soon so the waters can go down.

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  1. I remember the rains in 2002. We were lucky in Cheongju and there wasn't much in the way of flooding.