Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What the ... referral?!?!?

Taking a page from some other bloggers I sometimes check out how people found this blog.

It seems that the number one search, be it google or yahoo, that brings people here is .... can you believe it .... "what the kimchi". Or some variation of that such as "whatthekimchi" and even once "what the klimchi". For some reason this blog always appears as #1 on the list for this search.

People have also been referred here by searching for "stig in Korea", "korean sentry racist", and even "cheongju". None of which surprise me.

The strangest referrals I have seen are "koreans put kkk", "korean asking permission", and for some strange reason a Yahoo image search for "no KOREAN allowed".

Nothing as interesting as the referrals Burndog gets but some strange ones nonetheless.


  1. Anonymous:

    Sorry but racist fuck wasn't one of the referrals. It may be now though. Have a nice day. :)