Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What the ... answer?!?!?!

A commenter recently posted asking a question about John.

"Why does he troll these sites?"

My answer was a simple one. Boredom. Which to me is very plausible. I know I tend to focus on things more when I am bored and need entertainment. Like Korea Sentry or John. While I am talking about their stupidity and hypocrisy I tend to talk about it more than really needed because I am bored and it gives me something to do to while away the time.

According to John he does it for nobler reasons.

"Burndog, these people have disrespected me, a country I love (and the home country of my wife) LOOOOOOOOONG before I was here calling him stupid."

He does it because he loves South Korea and his wife is from there, oh and people disrespect him. I guess he sees himself as protecting Korea from bad mouthing. He likes to think he is doing them a service by attacking ... or in his mind educating or schooling ... those who "disrespect" South Korea. In the end, when he ignores reality, he gets told off and that angers him. Remind you of any other defenders of Korea?

He really doesn't seem to understand why people are "disrespectful" to him. When reasons are pointed out, like the way he treated a 1st time commenter on David's blog, he ignores them. His reasons for acting the way he does explain getting upset and pissy but it doesn't really explain the trolling.

Of course, John doesn't believe he is a troll and can't understand why people think he is.

"He says "I'm trolling," because I make multiple attempts to get my point across, which is responded by these fools as "trolling" from the get go."

I call it trolling because ... it is. Hell, it actually fits the definition of trolling. As in a previous thread, I have to wonder about John's ability to use a dictionary. If you have been making multiple posts, usually saying the exact same shit over and over, it is called spamming. It is something trolls do, especially when it is just used to incite or irritate. In fact, let's look at John's own words from David's blog.

"Kid, despite how much I’ve hated you and spammed you and made fun of you, I’ve shut you up and forced you to think countless times."

John admits to making hateful posts and spamming. He posted under many different "names" when moderated. He follows David to other sites, like here, and continues it. Why the fuck would we NOT think he is a troll? By his own admission he IS a troll. Which leads one to wonder if he is being disingenuous or just flat out being a liar when he gets upset and pretends not to know why he is being called a troll.

In some ways John reminds me of me. We both have a propensity for showing our asses when pissed off. The difference being I will admit it. Just like I can admit when I have been wrong and hopefully learn from it. John doesn't seem to do that, instead he increases his trolling. Or acts like a child.

Why a child? Often it all comes down to an infantile "I win" from John. "I've beat you!" "I kicked your ass." "I've shut you up." "I'm done with you." "You keep provoking me!" "They disrespected a country I love." "They disrespected my wife's home country." (Not his wife, her home country.) Sometimes it seems like he is just playing a childish game. Hence my reply of boredom being his raison d'etre.

In some ways John reminds me of the idiots over at Korea Sentry. The trolling. The rabid defense of the indefensible. The denial of reality.

Why does he troll these sites? Maybe he really just has nothing better to do.


  1. I'm going to say that most of it has to do with boredom and having nothing better to do. For sure, when I'm bored (and/or drunk), I spend more time on people's blogs.

    But going out of your way to find blogs with opinions different than yours and then trolling -- that is really fucking stupid, in my opinion.

    Trolls are the main reason why I eventually 1. enabled comment moderation and 2. stopped accepting anonymous comments.

  2. Eve

    It is pretty stupid, especially when the person doing the trolling tries to pretend he isn't a troll.

    I've been lucky enough not to have many trolls. And bored enough to want to play with the ones I have had.

  3. He is pathetic. Blind to his own stupidity.

  4. On the plus side he gives so much material that could be used for "Shit Morons Say" posts. :)