Friday, July 15, 2011

What the ... Dokdo Related Stupidity?!?!?

I was perusing ROK Drop today and noticed his post about the latest Dokdo stupidity.

Korea Air flew their brand spanking new AS380 Jumbo Jet over Dokdo. How is that stupid? It isn't. An airline, so long as it isn't violating an laws, is free to fly it's inaugural flight where ever it wants. The stupidity followed.

The Japanese got their panties in a bunch over the flight. An e-mail was sent from Japan's Foreign Ministry to all it's diplomats telling them that they were to boycott Korea Air for 1 month, starting Monday. Seriously!?!?

That is one of the most retarded things I have heard in a while. It makes you wonder if the Japanese Foreign Minister or Prime Minister (whichever moron in charge ordered this stupidity) had too much sake.


  1. Whoever is holding their balls for them must have squeezed pretty hard. It's the only explanation for them to go along with this idiocy.
    I remember when I was coming back to Korea one year that the plane circled Ulleongdo. It was a crystal clear day and we had a pretty good view of the island. I looked to see if I could pick out Dokdo, but was unsuccessful. Maybe I had the wrong angle, or maybe it was just too fuckin' small.

  2. It was monumentally stupid.