Friday, July 22, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... about having a disabled child.

“We would rather leave our baby to die if he has to live disabled. That will be good for him,”

This was said by the parents of a premature baby in Seoul. They are refusing further treatment that would allow the baby to survive. The hospital is seeking an injunction so they can operate and save the child.

The child's intestine ruptured during a surgery. If the latest surgery isn't performed the baby will die of peritonitis and blood poisoning.

The parents don't know if the child will end up being disabled in any way. They just don't want to take the chance. I could kind of understand it if the doctors said there is 99% chance your child will be a vegetable. But they don't say that. People like them don't deserve to have any children.

One of my nephews was premature and had complications. There was a chance he could have had problems but he didn't. He grew up to be a healthy "normal" person. If he hadn't, his parents still wanted him.

I have to stop here because anything else I write could be a tad unfair and very harsh.

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