Saturday, July 9, 2011

Year 1 - Playing tourist at Home

Another one from the old email bag. While it was still in my 1st year it was a month before I started my second job.

It always felt kind of strange coming home and ending up doing touristy things. That is what happens when everyone is working weekdays and you have nothing else to do.



What can I say, I have been remiss in writing. I have been keeping pretty busy since I returned to Canada. Family get togethers, out with friends, parties, and even playing tourist. It has all kept me away from my computer.

The strangest thing about being back in Canada is that I feel more like a tourist now. I am only back for a few weeks, so there is no finality to my return. Also, I was playing tourist. While my uncle and aunt were visiting I did all the tourist stuff. I hit museums, some I hadn't been to in many years. I also did a tour of Halifax on the harbour hopper, an amphibious truck frm the Vietnam era.

We were going to go whale watching but due to high seas they didn't sail. So, we went on the harbour hopper. It takes you on a tour of Halifax by road, and then sea. Overall, it was pretty interesting, and a lot of fun. The tour guide made it fun too. She knew her history, trivia, and even some jokes.

One thing I have noticed since I got back is that we eat a LOT of meat here. I think I have eaten more meat in the last 2 weeks than I did in the last 2 months. Even counting all the lunches and going away parties. I also find I kind of miss Korean food. The Korean restaurant in Halifax closed so I couldn't go there to eat.

I have enjoyed my visit, but I am kind of looking forward to going back to Korea.

Take care



  1. I had somewhat the same experience when I came home. I always stayed at my folks' place, so it was like I was just visiting before returning "home" to Korea.
    And I missed Korean food, as well. Still do.
    I would kill for some good bibimbap, or samgyupsal, and especially those ribs.
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ribs, drool.

  2. I would KILL for the ribs right now. I have the cigar and good rum. Need those ribs.