Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Whitey Wants.

Recently one of the Kimchi Kamikaze Kommandoes made a comment in a thread that bears commenting on. The brave kkklucker known as Anonymous said;

"whitey esl only come to korea for women and drugs"

Now I dealt with the drug part in the comment section so Iwon't go into detail about it here. Suffice it to say that if I was going to a country because for the drug scene I would never have gone to South Korea. There are much better choices.

The lamentation of the South Korean male, be he "real" or ethnic, seems to be that "whitey esl" is in Korea just to get "their" women. Well, if all men includes me then you are wrong. My impetus for going to South Korea was to get a job I hoped I would enjoy and to see the world. I never went there to "get a woman" nor to find a wife. If I found one, and I dated a few, fine but that wasn't why I went there. I enjoyed teaching and saw some of the world and went home so, mission accomplished.

Sure a lot of the guys who come to teach want to party and get laid. What the hell do you expect when you hiring "kids" just out of university? Of course many of them are going to act like a bunch of frat boys.

Add to that a society that doesn't mind drinking, in fact it encourages it at times. Bosses that don't usually do anything if people come in drunk or hung over as long as "whitey esl" is in the class performing for the students. (Actually that isn't fair, most places I worked at didn't care if the Korean teachers were hung over either. Unless the boss was looking to fire a teacher, foreign or Korean.) Jobs with poor communication where anything can change with no warning. Jobs that at times seem more like a joke than a job.

It is a bad mixture of immaturity and stupidity which can cause some bad results. Yes, I am thinking of you twats naked in the stands at the baseball game. However, it isn't all expats. Just like the kkklansmen on Korea Sentry don't represent all Koreans, or ethnic Koreans.

*NOTE* I finished this one a little quickly because I stupidly hit publish instead of save as draft. May have more to say on the matter at another time.


  1. Maybe Koreans would have more fun in America or Canada if they went to those places for drugs and women instead of studying English or furthering their education. For all of the Koreans who have an idylic attitude towards L.A., in that L.A. is some region that takes up two thirds of the United States and that ninety percent of the American population is from there...and that it has a nice Korea town. They might want to consider the more fun characteristics of the place like easy to get medical marijuana prescriptions and easy hot girls who will sleep with you if you can convince them that you are a movie producer. Perhaps I'm making too many generalizations about L.A., or women in L.A., but what is wrong with going to another country and enjoying the local talent?

    Maybe the Korean Sentry guys just have the whole thing wrong. I've been to the bar with Korean men before, and it can be dreadful, because they just sit, drink, and look at you. There might be girls in the bar, but they don't care. That's why you should study Korean so that you can hang out with the cool Korean guys who actually have game. The Korean Sentry guys all probably just visit Korea once every three years and meet their old elementary school friends who probably find it a chore to go out with these dorks. If the facebook picture of Herr Councelman is true, then that guy can come in handy on nights when you just want to go to the bar to read a book or to study.

  2. Crazy Korean people makes a generalization about White ESL Teacher -
    Flint: No my friends, not all of them are like that. SURE, some are, but I'm not and many aren't.

    White guy makes a generalization about 50 million Korean People

  3. Anonymous 1: I don't think some of the KS twits have even been to Korea.

    Anonymous 2: Too much soju eh?

  4. These comments are hysterical.

    1. I'm totally sober right now (a minor miracle).

    2. Saying some shit like, "whitey esl only come to korea for women and drugs" is retarded, because, as you said, there are definitely a zillion other countries where it's easy to get drugs. But as far as the women part ... well ...

    "Sure a lot of the guys who come to teach want to party and get laid. What the hell do you expect when you hiring "kids" just out of university? Of course many of them are going to act like a bunch of frat boys."

    Yep. Exactly.

  5. Eve

    Of course since we don't know EVERY expat in Korea the Anonytard would probably say that you can't say that. Unless of course you are me who Anonytard seems to credit with omniscience.

    The problem with Anonytards argument is that reality just doesn't agree with him. Using the information from his own links on GroupThink it is pretty easy to see that Korea fits the mold of being a country that is highly susceptible to it. Living there you see it pretty much every day in the attitudes, words, and actions of a lot of Koreans. In the end Anonytard falls back on the old "you get it in other countries as well" argument to excuse it all away while ignoring the reality of the situation.

    Maybe I should give in to Anonytard and the KKKluckers way of thinking because then I could justify saying the most vile things whether true or not. Using their way of thinking it would be ok because other people do it.

  6. "Using their way of thinking it would be ok because other people do it."

    Flint, you again show your idiocy.

    We're not saying it's ok... or at least I'm not. But for you single out and to criticize someone, especially in the dickish way you do, when there are literally billions of people with the same fault.... well, that's being an asshole and a hypocrite. Your country is just as bad, my friend.

  7. BTW- I noticed you haven't approved my nice comment on the other post. A little upset that I kicked your ass again?

    I'm done here. You're pathetic and have sank to the level of KRD. You can't win an argument.

  8. fucking hypocrite!

  9. Never said my country was faultless dick. In fact I am usually pretty quick to criticize it as well as countrymen who act like assholes.

    You just don't get, or ignore, that it happens to a much greater degree in Korea. In ways it is institutionalized there. A lot of the fuckery couldn't happen in Canada without someone landing in trouble with the law (CYJ English being a good example. If I didn't speak out about it here THEN I would be a hypocrite.

    Look at the "all foreigners are evil" sort of BS. It is so prevalent that the Korean government institutes policies it KNOWS aren't need just to placate the masses. (HIV test.) The depth/degree of groupthink is greater in South Korea. Deny it all you want no one can force you to face reality.

    Were you using it happening one place to excuse it another? It looked that way to me. Only you know for sure. The kkkluckers blatantly use it that way.

  10. Bwahahahahaha!!!! You kicked my ass again? What colour is the sky in your world? :)

    Now if you are the same anonymous who posted about creativity you DID give me food for thought and have made me changed my mind. Which I guess you could say is a win. My view of being creative was too narrow. Of course, who knows which anonymous that was. One of the downfalls of anonymity. Even if you claim it was you who knows if it really was?

    I will check again for your post. I haven't seen it. I usually post everything coming in, except of course AAK and cronies plug for his site.

    Then again if you are true to your word, which I doubt, you won't read this or see your missing comment if it turns up because you won't be back.

  11. u mad? y u mad bro?

  12. Who? Me? Of course I am mad. I am fucking ripping mad! Why wouldn't I be? EA Sports is releasing NHL 12 and once again it won't be available for the PC!!! I don't have an X-Box or PS nor do I want one. I do want to be able to play that game though. I seems a waste of money to buy a console just to play one game so once again (as it has happened since NHL 09 was released) I miss out on a great hockey game.

    Or do you AnonyJohn? I think he is more frustrated than mad but I could be wrong.

  13. Heh ... my mistake made it sound like a dance. The anonyJjohn. Can you do it? :) Sorry about that, it should have read "Or do you MEAN AnonyJohn?" :)

  14. @Flint - omniscience! so groovy. i thought that it was only S. Koreans who could read minds and shit. wicked. :)

  15. Sadly, and as per usual with anonyjohn, he is wrong. :( I am not all knowing or I would have won the loto the other day. :(

  16. All the anonymous posters need to grow balls and get blogger accounts. They sure seem to have enough to say to warrant starting their own blogs.

    As for women and drugs: I enjoy women as much as the next guy, but the best drugs found in South Korea all have ginseng in them. You're in the wrong place. Also, they aren't anyone's women. They are people who make their own decisions and misogynistic racists are the last people they need acting as their "sentries".

  17. Well said Mr. Spock. You logic is impeccable.

  18. I did find AnonyJohn's missing comment. Somehow it ended up in the spam folder and not "awaiting moderation".

    Now the question is should I bother posting it since AnonyJohnnyBoy has taken his ball and gone home?

  19. Post it! It will give him something while he lets his meat rest.

  20. It is there now. :) He left a messgae for you in it Eve. :)

  21. While writing up my reply to AnonyJohn's "missing" comment I had to think back to this post by me. I had actually deleted a part of it. In it I made a comment that I wonder if I had made it would a) Johnnyboy taken it as an insult to his wife and b) would his head explode? :)