Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... to Delude Themselves.

"Flint, you’re an intelligent guy, but it’s obvious debating isn’t really your thing."

Bwahahahahaha ... John actually thinks he is debating!?!?!? If debating means you act in a condescending manner, spam, harass, and generally act like a dickhead then John would be considered a great debater. If we are basing it on reality then he is just a troll.


  1. John reminds me of a little boy jumping up and down and waving and crying, "Look at me, Daddy! Look at me! Look at what I'm doing! Daddy! Look at me!"

  2. Heh ... I like that. I was talking with a niece about teaching kids, she is a teacher, and we got onto kids who seek attention and don't care whether good or bad. John reminds me a little of that type of kid. I say a little because sometimes it seems like he craves the bad attention.

  3. John isn't active and neither is your "esl whitey" stalker. When John is active so is your stalker.