Monday, July 4, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... about leaving internet sites.

"I'm done here. "

This was recently said by an Anonytard. (I thought of putting the post on Flint's Follies but since it was made on WTK I decided to keep it here.) It got me thinking about how many times I have heard similar remarks by people since I started going online. Whether it was people on an LPMud, a BBS, Facebook, or any other site.

They make a scene, large or small, about leaving. Many will leave diatribes castigating those they feel wronged them. Or they announce they "won", like Anonytard, and are taking their ball and going home. Or it is posted to garner sympathy and they expect to be asked or begged to stay. However written, worded, or reasoned they all have a common theme. "I am leaving and never coming back."

In most cases, they come back. Whether it is just to read the site and not participate or to start over under a new name/anonymously. Some stay away for a while "to make a point". Some stay away for a while before coming back quietly. Some make a production about their return. Regardless, most of these drama queens usually come back in some way. I found that the ones who left and never came back were usually the people who didn't make any kind of production out of it. They just left.

Which is why when I see people making statements about leaving it makes me laugh. Leave, stay, it doesn't really matter. People should do what they want to do. If you don't want to be somewhere then leave. But if you make a production about it and come back you are just another drama queen looking for attention.


  1. Sounds like good fodder for WWFD? Been a while since we've had some Flint magic over there!

  2. Nice one...I might hold it for tomorrow and make it this week's official post!

  3. I think it provides a nice insight into the strange and sometimes contradictory thought process of a fucktard. :)

  4. Ah, Flint - you've got some very good trolls on your site, bravo!

    Not to make this all about me (as you all know, I'm obsessed with ME) but once, someone left me a thinly veiled threat, and in the same comment said he was "never coming back" to read my "unsophisticated drivel," and when I wrote a blog post about the threat, sure enough, there he was in the comments field! Again.

    The ones who REALLY go away don't bother saying "bye." :)

    And I'm starting to wonder if any netnazi has ever really made good on their death threat ...

  5. Thanks Eve. :)

    Odds are the only think one of the netnazis beat to death was his meat. Burndog has a great picture up with his latest Snafuman post showing an internet tough guy.

    Thanks to the KKKunts and netnazis that I have seen/dealt with my vision is more of a skinnier and geekier internet tough guy. Kind of like Herr Consoleman's picture. :)

  6. Hahaha! Portrait of a meat-beating internet tough guy. Lovely.

  7. I am seriously glad that pretty much no one reads my blogs so I don't have to deal with this crap.

  8. I have a confession to make ... when I am bored I am glad they come around. It gives me something to do. :)

  9. They can relieve the boredom when life slows down. :)

  10. Perhaps if they said 'au revoir'?
    or, 'abientot fucking esl whitey.'
    Now that would be classy.
    The James Bond storm out of the netizen world.

  11. heh ... that would be classy. If the didn't return. no sequels for them. ;)

  12. And AnonyJohn lasted almost 2 weeks before coming back to post.

    In a new post I mistook one of David's trolls as a sock of John. Easy mistake considering how many times he trolled there under names. I guess considering how asinine/infantile the names were I should have assumed they weren't the same. My bad.

    Johnny just had to rush back and comment on that not being him. Bravo Johnny. Your good bye, I am done with you, post comment was July 3rd or 4th and you comment again on July 13th. I am impressed, trolls like you can't usually hold back that long. :)