Thursday, July 28, 2011

Year 2 - Some Winter Observations


It's beginning to look a lit like Canada here. We have had more snow this winter than last. By Korean standards a LOT more. By Canadian standards not that much. Not even enough for Toronto to call in the army. ;)

The snow started in the wee hours of the morning. It kept up all day. At times it was really being whipped around by the wind. Even then, it still wasn't that bad as the lowest temperature was around 1 Degree celsius. The ground was more slushy than anything else.

The problem started when the sun set. Now the streets and sidewalks are a sheet of ice. I saw several cars that crashed on the way home. One woman went up on the sidewalk, hit a tree, and split the front of her car right into the radiator. She was alright.

Some people here put chains on their tires when it snows. That is, when it snows heavy by their standards. It is still strange to see vehicles with chains on their tires. Mind you, they have no salt or sand trucks so they need chains.

You will still see women walking around in their usual footwear though. I am amazed they don't fall more often. Walking on ice wearing high heel boots and shoes just doesn't make sense. Then again, they do walk up mountains wearing them too.

I had no problem walking home. A little bit of slipping and sliding, but nothing worth worrying about.

Take care

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