Friday, November 12, 2010

Canadian PM Figure

Does anyone have a picture of the figure of the Canadian PM from the doll exhibit where the Koreans fucked up the Australian PM's "traditional" clothing? One of my readers emailed me asking if I had one. He says it looks like the Canadian PM is wearing a kilt or shorts but it is hard to tell from the pictures online.

It is hard to tell. I think it could be skin there which means a skirt or kilt. Would I be surprised if the Koreans cocked that figure up too? Hell no.

I WAS surprised that he wasn't in a Mountie uniform or dressed up like an Inuit.


  1. Near my apartment in Namyangju there is a wall with 'I love you' written in different languages on top of a picture of that country. . . on top of Australia, and I shit you not, it says 'Buy me a beer."

  2. Heh ... that doesn't surprise me. :)

  3. I still remember a Korean defending fan death telling me that Canadians don't use fans or AC because Canada is cold. Ergo Canadians don't have fan death nor can they understand it. :)

    Hmmm ... I feel another Shit Koreans Say coming on. :)