Friday, November 19, 2010

Korea Times - New Degrees of Pathetic

The Korea Times has reached a new level of pathetic. Their current number two headline is ...

... Triangular UFO spotted over UK skies for 3rd time.

Mind you they left out some of the title of the article they STOLE from the Mail Online. The original healine read;

Dudley Dorito Triangular UFO spotted over UK skies for the 3rd time in three years.

And the wonderful 4 sentence article was actually made up of 4 sentences the unnamed Korea Times reporter lifted out of the Mail article. If you took out all of the sentence parts that were "sampled" from the Mail you would be left with an article saying ;

" triangular the Daily Mail reported on its website, Wednesday. "

Wow. What amazing skill the reporter must have had to steal errr write such an in-depth article on UFO's in the UK. A story of such importance to all Koreans considering UFO's are flown by evil aliens and foreigners are evil aliens too. No wonder it appeared as the SECOND HEADLINE.

Seriously though, how fucking low can this rag lower the bar of journalism in Korea and still call itself "First in the Nation"? If this piece of shit is REALLY considered "First in the Nation" by anyone except the morons who work there it doesn't speak highly of the intelligence of Koreans or those who read it for their news.

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