Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shit Koreans Say ... from commercials.

"Bravo your life."

I remember the first time I heard it. A student had done well on a test and I said "Great work Bravo!" In unison a few students said "Bravo your life!"

I had no idea why they said it. It seemed very strange. A few days later it happened again in another class. So, I asked them why they said that. A student explained to me that it was from a commercial. I think he said a Samsung commercial, but I am open to being corrected.

It struck me as strange on two levels. First, that so many students would parrot that back so quickly. It was like they had one mind. Secondly, it is a stupid phrase. It is bad English. Of course, bad English is common in Korean commercials. And Koreans seem to like to repeat what they hear in commercials and movies. Some days it seems like the stupider the phrase is the more Koreans repeat it.

Even weirder was seeing Koreans break out into song when a commercial comes on. I am not talking kids here either. I remember once Stig and I were having dinner at Popeye's. The TV was playing there and a commercial came on with (insert name of female k-pop group popular at the time here) singing the jingle. This woman broke out into song along with it AND was doing the dance moves while seated. You could see a few others mouthing the words or singing along lowly. I wish i had my camera out it would have made a funny video.

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