Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shit Koreans Say ... about Fan Death

"Canadians don't have fan death because it is too cold to use fans there."

This was said to me once by a Korean trying to defend the myth of fan death. He was implying that Canadians don't use fans or air conditioners because of the climate.

So here was someone who had NEVER been outside of Korea trying to tell me what it is like in Canada. When I pointed out the error of his, dare I say, logic I was told that I was wrong. Yes, the Canadian was told that he didn't know what it was like in Canada. What a ricetard.

The person who set up actually makes a similar statement. He wrote;

"I do agree places like Canada and other northern countries have no use of electric fans, so maybe they could not make the discovery, yet."

How much of a fucking moron does someone have to be to make a statement like that? Evidently, they know jack shit about "northern" countries or they would know that most have .... FOUR seasons. The length and severity may vary but except for those in the FAR north these countries have four DISTINCTIVE seasons.

Then again, having read the Fan Death site I am not that surprised. The author of the site left out some choice tidbits about fan death. Like when he talks about how fans kill. He mentions the notion that fans use up oxygen and create carbon dioxide. What he left out was the evil way the fans do this. Many Koreans believe the BLADE of the fan CHOPS the oxygen molecules thereby removing oxygen from the room and helping to create CO2.

Sorry, I had to stop typing and take a laugh break.

Fan Death. It still boogles my mind when Koreans go on about ... and defend ... the whole concept. Korea is the ONLY country in the world where anyone believes in it. And the lengths they will go to in order to perpetuate the BS is astounding.

In my first year in Korea I actually heard an explanation for fan death that made sense. We were teaching the police. One of them told us that fan death is often used in cases of suicide because they worry that it may lead others to try and kill themselves. That sounds a lot more reasonable than the BS usually spouted.


  1. Suicide, or homicide.

    "We found multiple gun shot wounds to the chest and head. There was also intense bruising, and it looks like the victim was sodomized with a soju bottle. But the door was closed and the fan was on. I think we can chalk this one up to fan death. Everyone clean up and go home."

  2. They only said suicide ... but it wouldn't surprise me to hear they use it to cover a homicide as well.

  3. I often heard Koreans trot out the re-hashed line from that cloner/fraud/ex-SNU Professor/glorified veterinarian Hwang that Koreans were intelligent because they use chopsticks.

    Something like this:

    It’s said that using chopsticks promotes the development of one’s intelligence. This is because using chopsticks involves over 30 joints and 50 muscles in the fingers, wrist, arm and shoulder, as well as thousands of nerves. The arms are more closely connected to the brains than other organs. The repetitive motions in using the chopsticks stimulate the mind, and promote the full development of intelligence.

    Just scrotum-boggling.

  4. I forgot all about that one Mr. P. It makes the mind wobble.