Monday, November 1, 2010

What the ... negative image?!?!?

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the stupidity of some of the nutizens and Koreans. Take Herr Konsoleman of the Kamikaze Kimchi Kommandoes for example.

Once you get past his poor writing and absent reasoning abilities you are left with the impression of someone, a Korean someone, who is a racist, hates foreigners, is a rabid nationalist, and has the tendency to over react.

He exemplifies a lot of the nutizens who post in English (and Korean). Some of them are ethnic Koreans (ie Korean-Americans), many of whom have never been to the Fatherland. Yet they will tell you what it is REALLY like in Korea. Many are like Herr Konsoleman, Koreans living abroad. They rave on and on about how great Korea is. How evil the foreigners are who go there. How evil anyone who doesn't agree that Korea is the greatest country in the universe is. (Which does beg the question ... If Korea is so great and life is perfect there why are you (Herr Konsoleman) living abroad (New Zealand)?

Then they complain about people who lived in Korea taking a negative image back to their home country. Here is Herr Konsoleman whining.

"With all these U.S soldiers, foreigners and ESL people they have been taking "negative image" of Korea back to U.S because most of them are low graded people who only went to see some Korean hookers and redlight districts, and U.S media doesn't want U.S citizen to know about rise of S.Korea. Also, U.S media have Chinese and Japanese working for them so if you combine Chinese, Japanese and past ESLs in U.S, there is no way they will portray positive image of Korea."

If you pay any attention to the Korean Blogosphere you know about the bull shit foreigners have to put up with from the Korean government and so-called media. Let alone what they put up with from Korean citizens. Herr Konsoleman mirrors a lot of what they say.

Yet, for some bizarre reason, they can't fathom why foreigners would return home and not sing the praises of South korea. They wear some seriously big blinders if they can't understand that.

Let's see ... you go to a foreign country to work and live. You are automatically labelled a low life degenerate and often treated like one. Wow! How could you not go home and sing the praises of that country?!? (And that is without even bringing up Hagwons screwing over foreign teachers, and businesses screwing over foreign workers.)

If Koreans REALLY want foreigners to leave Korea with a positive image of the country they need to start by cleaning up their act. The nutizens tend to give Korea a black eye every time they power up their computer. A Korean team or athelete in some sport lost ... let's make death threats, bomb threats, and post peoples personal information. Someone talks about a bad experience in Korea ... they must be lying! It's time to get out a lynch mob and go after them!

And HE has a problem with how Korea is portrayed in the media? Try being a foreigner in Korea and subjected to the media BS that goes on. A place where the government knows E-2 visa holders aren't causing the HIV problem but regulate them like they were, while not testing the visa holders who probably do bring it in. Why? In response to parents who are fueled by the anti-foreigner media. Why would someone NOT have a negative view of Korea and send it home?

"Hi mom. I had my HIV test. It is negative of course."
"Why did you have an HIV test?"
"It is the law all for all E-2 Holders, especially us dirty English teachers."
"Oh. I see. Is there a problem with foreign teachers having HIV?"
"No. In fact the government said they knew we weren't a problem. They do it just to keep parents happy."
"Why do the parents think you need HIV tests?"
"The media here hates foreigners, especially English teachers, and makes it seem like we are all a bunch of diseased degenerates."
"Well ... at least everyone gets tested."
"Oh no. Only the E-2 VISA holders do. The hookers who come over on E-6 VISAs don't have to anymore. Plus it doesn't affect the Korean men who refuse to wear condoms or the HIV infected teenage prostitutes they go to."
"Oh ... I see ... so you are coming home soon right? I can buy your plane ticket."

Do I expect this to change? Unfortunately, no. At least not in my lifetime. Which means whack jobs like Herr Konsoleman shouldn't be surprised it foreigners keep returning home with a negative image of South Korea.


  1. I've been posting over there. I like to ask them simple, non offensive questions and see how long it takes before someone gets offended. They are very sensitive.

  2. I have seen how quickly they get their panties in a bunch. :)

    It was kind of funny to see how quickly they turn on someone, or accuse them of being YouSeok.

  3. It's amazing...there seem to be only three actual posters on there...and anytime someone other than those three post they get all angry and shouty and ranty and ravey.

    Weirdest shit ever.