Sunday, November 7, 2010

What the ... stolen story?

And now another post brought to you thanks to the actions of The Korea Times, Worst in the Nation.

One of my readers emailed me a link to a Korea Times story. It is about a male Elementary school teacher who admitted to abusing 8 students. The story is one of the TOP headlines on the Korea Times website, second only to a G20 related story.

However, the story IS NOT about a teacher in Korea. It is from the world section and comes out of Oxfordshire, England. As usual, the Terrible Times ripped off a story without properly attributing it. In fact, their title is ripped right off from the Telegraph's own story. Hell, the bulk of the Time's "story" was ripped right out of the Telegraph's story word for word. Why paraphrase when you can steal.

Here is what the Terrible Times story would look like if everything that was ripped off from the times verbatim was removed.

" the Telegraph reported Saturday. "

That is it! Everything else was ripped right out of the Telegraph's online article without proper attribution. Oh and Korea Times, attaching those 4 words to the opening sentence doesn't give proper credit to the original story and the reporter who wrote it. Of course this kind of shoddy journalism is no surprise to anyone who follows the Times and knows what they are like.

My reader asked the rhetorical question "Why do you think they made this a headline?" Anyone who follows the the K-blogosphere and the BS the Korean Times does knows why. To make foreign teachers look bad. It is just another way for them to paint foreign teachers as degenerates and a threat to Korean children.

I wonder if the City Editor would consider this post to be nitpicking?

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