Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shit Koreans Do

Well, Flint has had some good posts going, so I thought I'd expand on them. It's not that I don't have any examples of shit Koreans say. I have plenty, but I was thinking of the incident I'm about to relate, and thought I'd get it down while it was fresh in my memory.
One of the things Koreans do is touch your stuff. They're endlessly curious about foreigners, and don't feel any compunction about examining you and your things like you're one of those special exhibits in a museum.
My students do this, but they're kids. I teach them to be more polite (something their parents seem to neglect to do).
Flint has already talked about how people in supermarkets'll go through your cart, but this incident occured while we were drinking.
Once, when Flint and I were at Road King enjoying some cigars, a Korean friend of Flint's noticed my lighter. It was a Zippo I had picked up in Japan, featuring The Beatles' logo on the side.
He asked me if it was genuine, and I said that I assumed it was. Whether it was genuine wasn't really important to me, the fact that it had "The Beatles" on the side (and it worked okay) was more to the point, I thought.
But apparently the genuineness of the item in question was important to this mook.
I call him a mook even though he was a friend of Flint's, because he proceeded to take my lighter apart without so much as a "by your leave."
That's right. He took out a screwdriver and began to disassemble the lighter right then and there.
What the kimchi?!
I was too gobsmacked (and maybe a little TOO polite) to do what I should have done - smack him liberally about the head and shoulders.
Well, I got my lighter back okay, and Flint and I continued with our process of withdrawing from going to Road King because the people there were just getting too fucking weird.
That mook could never understand why I refused to drink with him from that point on.


  1. I remember that ... he did deserve a smack upside the head.

  2. Talking about Shit a Korean did that almost ended up in them receiving a beat down.

    I was out with Hilda a some Korean friends one night and had a cigar. One of the guys had never smoked one so he wanted to try it. He took a puff, threw it on the floor, and stomped on it because he didn't like it.

    If it had been one of my good ones I would have had to kill him. As it was they got him away before I could smack him around.