Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shit Koreans Say ... about healthy food.

Koreans will prattle on about how healthy Korean food is. It is "well being" this and "well being" that. (Koreans have seem to have never heard of a phrase they couldn't beat like a government mule.) To a point I would agree with them. A lot of Korean food is healthier than "Western" food, but not everything is healthy. And eating something several times a day, every day, isn't always healthy.

As great a health food as Koreans claim kimchi is it has also been talked about as a cause of gastric cancer. Koreans actually lead the world in cases of gastric cancer. I am not even going to get into the salt level of a lot of the kimchi I have tasted or the fat content of most SamKyubSal.

When talking about "healthy food" Koreans, usually men, are often talk about food that is "good for men's stamina." Eating dog is good for men's stamina. Eating eel. Drinking deer blood. The list goes on and on. I never heard any mention of what would be good for women's stamina.

The whole "well being" idea ended up becoming an over used and abused phrase. Fast food restaurants would slap the phrase on something and all of a sudden it became health food. It lost a lot of it's meaning in Korea.


  1. The way Koreans spelt "well being" in Hangul made it sound like "uelbing," too.
    I was eating sam gyup sal with another teacher once, and he said it was like "eating a bucket of bacon."
    I always thought (from then on) "Stig's Bucket Of Bacon" would be a great name for a restaurant chain.

  2. Well it sounds better than the restaurant sign I saw in English "Cooked Pig Skin". :)

  3. Maybe they were cooking footballs?

  4. heh :) Could be, I never did eat there.

  5. Koreans would push the stankiest shit at me and tell me it was good for a man's stamina. I never did believe them.

  6. The funniest stamina story involved dog. The Koreans, 2 came with us to eat it, kept going on that if you finish your bowl you will have the strength of Superman. We all finished our bowls. The Koreans ended up falling asleep at a friends apartment. Some super stamina.