Friday, November 19, 2010

What the ... other foot?!?!?

I guess this should be filed under "The shoe is on the other foot." South Korea is being subjected to the same sort of crap that they do to others ... and they don't like it.

In a nutshell. A Taiwanese athlete was disqualified from the Taekwondo competition in the Asian Games. At first anti-Chinese sentiment was growing.

Then anti-Korean sentiment started showing as Taiwanese started complaining about the Korean Judges deliberately disqualifying their star. Taiwanese fans are calling for boycotts of anything South Korean. Taiwanese nutizens crashed the Taekwondo Unions website.

Sound familiar? Except for, thankfully, a lack of bomb threats it sounds like the type of stupidity people have become used to from Korean fans/nutizens when Korean loses in sports.

Which makes it amusing to watch the Korean nutizens whine about the behaviour of the Taiwanese. It has the KKKunts on Korea Sentry in a tizzy. Some of their comments are interesting in light of past over reactions by Koreans.

Sett: They blame Korea because they believe we are secretly trying to prevent Taiwan from winning a gold medal. Gee ... kind of like Koreans made Ohno winning the gold out to be a conspiracy perpetuated by the US.

Herr Konsoleman: Island Chinese have serious issue within themselves, why they do this to themselves??? You mean like Koreans crashing servers and sending death threats to the Swiss Embassy? The Australian Embassy? The Australian judge?

Chucky3176: Now the entire Taiwan media is on this, as mass hysteria sweeps over Taiwan, over a lousy fucking Taekwondo match in the Asian Games which no fucking people really care two hoots about. Kind of like the reaction of some people to things that happened in Speed Skating?

So, we now see the shoe is on the other foot. And Koreans don't like it. Not so much fun when people over react, lash out, and treat you like shit is it?

Will this make people like the KKKunts think twice before acting that way in the future? I doubt it. I don't have a lot of faith in their intelligence.

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