Thursday, November 11, 2010

What the ... dress up?!?!?

Ah Korea. Sometimes you just make it too easy to poke fun at you.

To welcome the G20 leaders the Koreans did up figures of them in traditional clothes holding their flag. There we see the leader of Australian bearing the Australian flag while proudly wearing traditional Austrian clothes.

What the kimchi?!?!?

It was also interesting to see the traditional clothes of some other countries. The traditional dress of the US is a Revolutionary War uniform. For Britain it is a suit and ... top hat. What no monocle? For France it is a military uniform that makes the leader look like Napoleon.

This type of cock up is pretty much par for the course with Korea. And then they wonder why people think they are a little dense.

At least they didn't go with traditional Korean depiction of blacks and dress Obama up like a Zulu warrior with a spear and a bone through his nose.


  1. As an Aussie I found this brilliant...and was going to make it tomorrows blog...but you beat me too it!