Friday, November 5, 2010

Rainy Days

There was a park near my last apartment that had a small hill. One side of it kind of dropped off. There was a pagoda on top overlooking part of the city. It wasn't the view that made it a great spot. It was rainy days.

It was nice to go there on rainy days. No one else would be around. I could just sit under the pagoda and listen to the sound of the rain beating on the roof. Days there was lightning made it even nicer. Sometimes I would bring a book and relax there.

I mentioned liking to do this to some students and Korean friends but they couldn't understand how I found it relaxing. It was rainy ... how could you enjoy being out in it? I wasn't ever able to explain it to them.

We are having the second of a predicted five rainy days here and it made me think of the pagoda. I wish I had one in the back yard.

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