Thursday, November 18, 2010

What the ... Racialicious commenters?

Bobbie was venting about something again. This time about Blackout Korea. He pointed to a link at a site called Racialicious which has Epic Fail of the Week. It featured Blackout Korea.

To a point I can agree with them. While I have no problem with people snapping pictures of others who make themselves look like assholes in public, and getting so pissed you pass out in your own sick qualifies, there is a line. Posing in pictures with the passed out, especially ones that make it look like you are fucking them in the ass, cross that line for me.

What caught my eye wasn't Racialicious' comments so much as some of the commenters. One in particular named Katie came off as an extra-strength whack-a-do. She started going on about Korea being occupied by the US military and how the pictures of people posing with or over drunks looks like soldiers lording it over Korean casualties.

"I look at the photos from the offending blog and I’m struck by how they could be pictures from a war, with White soldiers lording it over Korean casualties. Korean bodies have often been portrayed as disposable in the US imagination. Korean prostitutes, Korean war deaths ... "

This cunning stunt is actually equating these pictures to ones from a war? What a stupid bizzy ditch.

Then you have some asshole named Keith spouting off saying;

"I dislike ESL teachers immensely. You don’t even have to have credentials to become one in some places. Not only that, their have been scandals where these low life’s have taken advantage of their female students high school and junior high."

Could someone please point out these scandals to me? The ONLY ones I have heard about, where teachers have been diddling their students, have concerned KOREAN teachers. Considering how hot the Korean Times is to print shit about ex-pat English teachers, even when it isn't true, it is surprising that even they haven't printed any stories about this.

I love the way Keith parrots the line about ESL teachers not being qualified. If the QUALIFICATIONS to teach ESL do ONLY require you to have a 3-4 year University degree, and you have one, then you ARE qualified. IF the qualifications called for a teaching degree and they didn't have one THEN assholes like Keith would be right. Instead they are just a bunch of assholes with an axe to grind against ex-pats. If it wasn't ESL teachers I am sure they would find something or someone else to whine about.

Guess what Keith, a lot of ESL teachers feel the same way about douchebags like you.

What a bunch of fucking morons.


  1. I saw yours. It made sense. These idiots didn't.

    You were spot on. It is hard not to go out and find some sort of drunken fuckery even during the day. Whether it is public urination, drunken behaviour, or someone passed out.

    Unfortunately, the twits like Katie and Keith don't usually pay attention to reality.

  2. Keith uses the old "in some places" cover. "In some places" ESL teacher's don't need degrees. "In some places" bad things happen. I wouldn't wear those shoes, "in some places" people get killed for wearing those shoes.

    Keith needs an ESL teacher, so he can learn the difference between there and their.

    I hate Blackout Korea...but that's just because I find it a touch boring, juvenile, and a bit boring...Keith and Katie need a hobby or two.


  3. Well said, Burndog.

    I do find some of the photos funny. However, seeing the same thing, and I am willing to make the same criticism about my mook pictures, can be boring after a while.

  4. Well...with the mook pictures...they are generally endangering lives other than their own...which makes them stupid cunts. Drunk people are just...drunk!

  5. True. I was thinking more in line with the ones of different cars being repetitive and maybe a little boring.

    I think I have enough mook pics left for 3 more MotWs.