Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mook of the Week

Crosswalk mooks, as in those who block the crosswalks, are a dime a dozen in South Korea. In fact they are so common it is hard to know how to label them. Garden Variety mooks? Commonplace mooks? Mooky mooks? But I digress.

To readers of this blog the intersection should be very familiar. One of the busiest in Cheongju. Taxis are constantly blocking not just the crosswalk but at times the intersection itself. Cars dropping people off or picking them up don't usually help things either. always a great source of mook pictures and stories.

Along comes some mook selling stuff from their tiny van. I almost said mini van but hell mini vans are bigger than this little piece of shit. She pulls to the edge of the cross walk and starts setting up shop.

Of course this leads to all sorts of fuckery as she is now blocking the lane taxis use to enter the queue for the bus terminal. A lane THEY usually use to block the crosswalk.

This mook led to some massive traffic jams in the intersection but it never phased them. They just went on mooking about.


  1. How many pictures of parked cars do you have?

  2. I remember her. She wasn't there very long. It seemed like she made a sale and dismantled her setup and left ASAP. Weird.

  3. Looked at my old pics and I only have about 3 more MotW's left.