Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What the ... inquiry?!?!?

You gotta wonder about the lack of logic in Korea at times. There is going to be an inquiry into Quincy Black. No inquiry into the Korean teachers who have been caught diddling students. But here you have a guy who's only crime was to video having sex with Korean women and put it on the net. Oh, and Quincy isn't even in the country anymore.

Was there an inquiry into Baek JiYoung's manager when something similar happened to her? Of course not. She ended up having to leave Korea for a while because she is a bad girl. (And I know just the blogger to give her a good spanking.) He got a radio job and nothing else really happened to him other his cred going up for nailing a Korean popstar.

So what did Quincy Black do that requires an inquiry?

Were the women his students? No. Were they underage? No. Were they raped? No. Were they blackmailed into performing? No. Were they blackmailed with the videos? No? Were they Korean? Yes. Was he a foreigner? Yes. Was he black? Yes.

Oh, yeah. That explains it.

I could understand the women wanting charges laid (if possible) because he put the videos on the net. But an inquiry? What the kimchi?!?!?

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