Friday, November 5, 2010

What the kimchi?

Lately I have been thinking about ending the blog. Korea is in my past now. The only really new topics to talk about come from rehashing old complaints, talking about old times, and the stupidity that crops up from their government (latest over HIV tests) and their so called media from time to time.

I find that it has been making me more belligerent on the blog. Brian was right in his comments in a previous thread, he should have been given the benefit of the doubt. I did think he misspoke yet I still tore apart what he said. I am not happy with how I handled that.

I always figured that What the Kimchi?!?? would end up going the way of the Dodo after I, and then Stig, left Korea and I would focus more on Flint's Follies. That hasn't happened. Even after being home for 5+ months the bizarre shit that happens in South Korea just doesn't happen here that often. Even the number of mooks you encounter is SO low compared to South Korea.

The "Shit Koreans Say" has given me a new impetus, and I have lots of material for that, not counting what friends and readers send me. So who knows?

You never know, I could end up back in Korea and that would make for lots of new stuff. ;)


  1. if you come back to Korea, you are the mook of the century, even by Canadian standard.

  2. Thanks sweetie but you evidently don't know what a mook is.

    Maybe I am already back but just never advertised it. ;)