Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some More Shit Koreans Say

If you have been in Korea for any length of time there are some things you will here that are just seem monumentally stupid. What I found compounded the stupidity is that Koreans who knew me for years or knew I lived in Korea for years would STILL say them.

"Kimchi is too spicy for foreigners."
"Foreigners don't like spicy food."

The same Koreans who say that will then shy away from Thai or Indian food as being too spicy. God help them if they get some spicy Mexican food.

You will even encounter Koreans who refuse to sell you something because it is spicy and since foreigners don't like spicy food and you are a foreigner you won't like it.

Then you have the shock some Koreans get when they see you using chopsticks correctly. They will look at you as you use them and say "You can use chopsticks?"

Yes, Captain obvious. I can. I used chopsticks before I came to Korea. I have lived in Korea for X number of years. It isn't rocket science. Sometimes I will look at the idiots who say that and ask "Can you use a fork? Spoon? knife?"

Speaking of being Captain obvious, you will have the Koreans who see you and tell you that you are a foreigner. Seriously.

I was getting out of a cab once and there were a couple of hags ... errr older Korean women just about jumping in as I exited. One looked at me and said "You are a foreigner." To which I replied "Yes and you are a mook."

It is like these are canned questions and responses that Koreans HAVE to use when they talk to a foreigner. Kind of like "How about the weather?" but stupider.

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