Friday, November 19, 2010

Shit Koreans Say ... on birthdays.

"Happy Birthday dear my friend."

Come on, that is just fucking lazy! Would it kill them to get someone who actually knows English to translate it or correct it for them? I don't sing it in Korean because I know I would fuck it up. If I did sing it in Korean I would make sure I had it written down properly, or was taught it properly, before singing so I don't look like a lazy wanker.

It is right up there with the laziness of "Merri Kurri" or" Have a Merry" instead of Merry Christmas. Marry curry? I prefer to eat it. Have a merry? A merry what???

But hey if a K-Pop star sings it then it must be proper English. You go gull.


  1. When I was working in Pohang, we had a new teacher come to our school, and it was her birthday. We ordered a cake for her party and it read (I swear I am not making this up): "Happy Birthdry."
    What the kmchi?!

  2. Heh :) Could have been worse ... or better depending on your view ... could have said Happy Birthrate. ;)